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We’ve moved our blog to our website!

Hello web adventurers!

We’ve migrated our blog from here to part of our website www.terriblecomfort.com so this blog won’t be updated any longer. We’ll will leave it here as an archived blog, but to continue playing along at home, please pop along to the new site!

Thanks for the company, we look forward to seeing you over at www.terriblecomfort.com



X’s first publicity shoot

OOO… exciting things are happening around here… We’ve cast our Fringe show, X, and we’re very pleased to be able to tell you that we have…

Josh Cameron from Le Garçon Néurotique
Hayley Butcher of Dash and D’Bree fame and last seen on Australia’s Got Talent
Penelope Bartlow, the Artistic Director of Barking Spider Visual Theatre
Danielle Goronszy of Polyglot and Barking Spider
Renee Dudfield from Westside Circus and Eagle’s Nest Theatre
Lily and Mike from Terrible COMFORT

What a rocking cast that is! We’re so excited to be working with this incredibly talented people…

We shot the first publicity images last night and we wanted to share a backstage photo… It’s of the irrepressible Lily, in her new coat…

And now with Piratey goodness…

Why does it take pirates so long to learn the alphabet?
Because they can spend years at C!

What did the pirate get when he hit the skeleton?
A skull and very CROSS bones!

What’s the difference between a hungry pirate and a drunken pirate?
One’s a rumbling tummy, and the other’s a tumbling rummy!

Why are we giving you pirate jokes?

It’s not just because we love pirates, or bad jokes, or bad pirate jokes… But we’re here to tell you a very, VERY exciting piece of eight… rem no, I mean an exciting piece of NEWS…


Terrible COMFORT is doing a PIRATE PUPPET SHOW at Fringe this year!!!


We are SO excited about this… It’s called X, and we’ll give you more details soon, but rest assured, there’ll be heros and villains, battles and treasure, skeletons, pirates, parrots and more…

Want quick updates? Follow us on Twitter, @terriblecomfort and keep an eye on our Facebook page and Flickr for photos and more…

But for now, we’ll leave you to rub your hands in glee and look forward to X. Coming soon to Fringe…

New project – Sal Tax Clothing

Holy nuts! We have been slaving behind the scenes for months to unveil out latest project, Salt Tax clothing. Check out the awesome designs we’ve uploaded over on our RedBubble site. We’re really proud of these designs, we hope you’ll like em as much as we do! http://www.redbubble.com/people/terriblecomfort/portfolio/recent

The Postcard Project

We’ve got an awesome little project going. It came about when I was about to take Dave into the classroom to teach a postcard lesson. My sister was in South Africa at the time and I had this bright idea.

I emailed her to ask her to send Dave a postcard, from his Uncle Sol, with something about Africa. Uncle Sol is out and about in the world, and sends Dave postcards occasionally about things he’s doing or places he’s visited.

The first one came from South Africa…

It reads “Dear Dave the Monkey, Having a lovely time here in Africa. Wish you were here. Love Uncle Sol

It also came with a letter telling Dave of Uncle Sol’s adventures, seeing lions, being chased by giraffes and being peed on by a tortoise. Unsurprisingly, the kids thought that was hilarious.

Today, another postcard came, this time from London!

It reads “Dear Dave, as you can probably guess, I’m in London this time. It’s cold and grey and the streets are confusing but it’s very ancient and has lots of history. I’m working my way across England washing dishes so a friend wrote this card for me while I’m working. Love your Uncle Sol

So exciting! We hadn’t heard from Uncle Sol for a while, we were wondering what he was up too!

These postcards are awesome in the classroom for discussing other countries or places, for introducing post card writing, which is shorter and snappier than letter writing (and leads onto an art lesson as the students have to decorate the back of the post cards too!) and an awesome reason to take a puppet to class.

You can read more about the postcard lesson I did with Dave here.

Can’t wait to see where Sol is next!

Because somehow this didn’t make it up the first time

What does puppetry in the classroom look like? This image is really to accompany this post: https://terriblecomfort.wordpress.com/2010/06/07/puppets-in-the-classroom/ but somehow we didn’t load it up at the time.

Our second vlogger!

Introducing Lily,our monster expert.In this vlog she chats about vampires, mermaids, banshees & cthulhu

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