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Terrible Comfort updates and thinks

Space is all around you. Change it.

It’s very easy to get caught up thinking this is a puppet project. Or a theatre project. Or an installation project.
Infact, any number of labels glitter like the promises of false prophets, tempting us to forget the original intention of Terrible Comfort.

I guess, when you’re working on a particular thing, you get focused on the details and mechanic of it’s form and your world can reduce down to the rules of engagement specific to the form.

Rules are the problem you see.

What you gotta remember is that the rules of each game are set up to give boundaries for that individual instance of creative activity. They’re also not supposed to be the first thing you do. Rules of spacial engagement have to evolve as the project forms. Organically crawling swamp thing like out of the problem solving of the process, as the project finds its ultimate expression this time around.

Contrarily, whatever rules you set up within the context of the particular project have their own complicated structural sets and rythms that demand that new rules evolve as the project develops and are infact broken occaisionally, subverted constantly and exceptions made when rythm and melody demand it.

And the whole thing gets started again when you start on a new thing.

So we come out of Everything Will Be Okay (with a remount planned for next year) and i’m thinking, okay, puppets. And that starts to inform my thinking about the next project. We’re paring the remount with an all new work you see, for those who saw the fringe show, they get to see something new too – plus 38 minutes seems acceptable during a festival but it’s not cool if you’ve dragged yourself out at night just to see this show…

And i’m distracted by the idea that this new show needs to be a puppet show – and already there are rules from without being imposed, externally to the process.

So that’s a thing that i’ve learned and i need to keep learning. Tell the story. Aproach the space. Let the peice tell you what it’s rules are. Keep your big fat mouth shut.

And in the mean time we’ve got some fun transformations happening out in the world. Space isn’t just a theatre or a gallery. Infact, it’s barely a theatre or a gallery at all. There’s way more space out there that isn’t a theatre or a gallery than is.

So, keep an eye out for space that’s subverted by something. We’re posting pictures of our development phases. The first one’s called Do Shoes Hanging From a Telephone Wire Really Mean There’s Drugs Nearby (and How Do You Know Which House To Go to If They Do?)

I dig it.

Terrible comfort is transforming space.

You too can be space that is transformed by terrible comfort. Check out our brand new RedBubble page and our terrible comfort t-shirt. Be transformed.



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