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If reality has become a little too much for you to handle you might want to check out what’s going on in the world-gone-mad stories of Robert Reid and Sayraphim Lothian’s marionettes.

In Everything Will Be Alright and Urgent Little Things, two visual plays by Reid and Sayraphim, you get everything from nuclear holocausts, and South American communists to day-to-day office life and escaping from hell.

In Everything Will Be Alright, two soft toys try to stop Australia’s 2007 election and save the country from bird flu by using stolen nuclear weapons. In Urgent Little Things, a demon represents every repressed office worker and work-from-home-parent in modern society and tries to escape from hell.

Your mind probably hasn’t tried to process stories like this since the last time you were puff, puff, passing back in Uni, let alone having it acted out in front of you by puppets. So strap in and come support the arts at Melbourne’s La Mama Theatre.

When: Until 1 August 2010
Where: La Mama Theatre, 205 Faraday St, Carlton
Cost: Tickets available at http://www.lamama.com.au

found at http://www.bbmlive.com/What-s-On-Melbourne-Victoria/puppets-on-acid.html


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