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Review – The Foam Book

We love Drew Allison and Donald Devet’s The Foam Book (ISBN: 0967857503). This is our only foam puppet How To book, we bought it and never found any need to buy another. Instead of patterns to create exact copies of their puppets, this book talks to you about the different ways to shape, play with and fold foam to create your own guys. It gives you the skills to create any kind of foam hand and mouth puppet you can imagine. It covers such topics as Character Design, Necks, Bodies, three ways to make Heads, Hands, Feet, Joints, Rods, Animals and Creatures, Materials and much more. It goes into great detail about each and still leaves you the freedom to make any character you can envision.

If this is the type of puppet you want to make, we cannot recommend this book enough. All our other foam guys were made using this book including the puppets below, Hugs the dragon: Kooka the kookaburra and our favourite monkey, Dave:


Review – An intro to puppets and puppet making

Since I read so many puppet books I figured that I’d start talking about them on the blog. So the first one I want to talk about is An Introduction To Puppets and Puppet Making by David Currell (ISBN:1853483893)

This book is a really comprehensive guide to making a number of different kinds of puppets. These include:
– simple shadow puppets
– full colour shadow puppets
– standard glove puppet
– glove puppet with hands and feet
– a hand and mouth puppet (a simple muppet type puppet)
– rod puppets
– rod puppet with a nodding head
– rod puppet with a turning head
– rod puppet with nodding and turning head
– a simple marionette
– a standard marionette

and then goes on to talking about staging, props and sets, lights, sound and performance tips.

The puppet instructions are clear with great photos to help explain the ideas and each puppet is created differently to give you a wide range of puppet making skills including paper mache, foam carving, painting, costuming, wood carving and more. This is our first go-to book for making any of these types of puppets and an excellent addition to any puppet builder’s library.

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