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Surfing from link to link, as you do, I came across The Old Trout Puppet Workshop in Canada. They look like a bunch of fun guys with an open invitation for people to drop by the studio and check out what’s going on, which I wish I could, damn living across the world from all these interesting things…

But the thing that caught my eye was their world-wide collaboration on their next project, called Ignorance.
Ignorance is a puppet documentary about the blissful prehistoric origins of humanity, and how our brains evolved into the hideous bliss-sucking parasites they are today. Yes: it’s about how why we’re not happy. And how we might solve this problem without resorting to alcoholism, tranquilizers, frontal-lobotomies, or other forms of induced ignorance.
And the cool thing is that they’re doing the whole thing on this blog. You can contrubute words, images, songs, thoughts, anything that you like. And they may or may not use it (there’s a great disclaimer at the bottom of the page) but I love the idea of being able to throw ideas at people about something they’re working on.

So I made them an image. This is how some of the Terrible Comfort shows get designed. Rob will find interesting bits of text, which he sends to me, I’ll make images out of the ideas and send those back and then we use the images to design set or atmosphere in the shows.

Thinking about the ideas of neanderthals, I What if, before neanderthals discovered fire, they had fire made of rocks? So I set about making that image.

Once it was made I wondered if, instead of fire made of rocks, was it petrified fire in a museum setting in a display of neanderthal life? It could be either…

So head on over to the Old Trout’s blog and see if you’re inspired to throw something into the mix too!


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