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Expressions on Modern Drama Ep. 3 – by Dave

Waiting for Godot:

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Hand puppets

Monster Puppet

Originally uploaded by Jaz Harold

So I’ve gotten to a point in the making of Owl In Spotlight that I need to make a couple of hand puppets. We’ve got a number of finger puppets in the style of the guys I’ve been making for Dave’s Vlogs (you can see them at our flickr page here) and now I’m onto the hand puppets.

But I’ve got a problem. Although I like the idea of the hand puppets to tower over the finger puppets, I’m not a fan of the way conventional finger puppets bunch across their bellies when you put their hands together. I’m also not a fan of the “hands up!” look that most hand puppets have, which stems from the placement of fingers on the human hand., Damn evolution.

So I went to have a look on Flickr for other ways to do the ol’ handpuppet idea.

After wading through quite a number of not-great puppets and a couple that were awesome but not right for this project, I came across this guy, which is sort of a mix between a conventional hand puppet and the hand and rod puppets that I’ve built in the past. It’s a simple and beautiful way to make a puppet, although it does require two hands, unlike the conventional hand puppet which only needs one. Because the show is big and we only have two puppeteers, how many hands each puppet takes is certainly needs to be take into account.

THe other type I found which I haven’t seen before is this one

Squirrel Hand Puppet

Originally uploaded by Handmade Goodies

The pointer finger holds up the head, the thumb and third finger are the arms but in an intriguing twist, the ring and pinky arn’t hidden but left on display. A little odd but kinda elegant, the puppet isn’t all lumpy to accommodate the hidden fingers. Not sure how this kind of puppet looks while being performed, but certainly a different idea for creating a hand puppet.

Eco-Friendly Handcrafted Hand Puppet

Originally uploaded by Uptown Puppets

There was also this guy, who is a little Muppet like for my tastes but a great design. It’s basically the monster puppet above but without the rods to use the arms. So the arms’d just dangle there, unless manipulated by the puppeteer’s other hand, which I worry would look a little clunky due to the size difference in the skinny arm and the puppeteer’s hand, plus it goes back to my original problem of the puppet being then a two handed puppet to manipulate rather than a single hander.

So I’m not sure any of those have solved my problem, but it’s always good to go outside and see what other people are doing and how they solve the problems we all encounter…


Dave’s second expression

Expressions on Modern Drama by Dave – Episode two: The Iceman Cometh. This episode Dave shares his thoughts on the classic Eugene O’Neill. With special guest stars Kevin Spacey and Dame Judi Dench.

vlog numero uno

Meet Dave
Dave is one of the newer members of Terrible Comfort.
He’s friendly, kind of modest, furry and he wants to talk to you about Chekov.

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