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Terrible Comfort is spending this holiday season developing an honest to god strategic plan featuring brand promise, objectives and directions and a whole heap of other corporate style goodness.

It does funny things to the head thinking this way, everything starts to look like factors and pie charts, but ultimately i think it’ll be useful both in codifying what it is we think we’re doing here (rather than simply going on instinct and aesthetic) and targeting appropriate funding, presentation and support partners – not to mention developing work for specifically identified markets….

hahaha – see what did i say? I am a washing machine, do what i say.

Never the less, what this process makes me reflect on in a more global sense is the need for contemporary individual/independent artists to be more than just lay about hippies who slap a bit of paint on a board or write the odd line of faintly purple prose when the mood takes them. I’ve got a feeling it’s a little trite to say it now, that this is something everybody else figured out a hundred years ago and the philanthropics have been calling for since the moment the spread sheet was invented, but contemporary independent artists have to be their own corporate edifice. One or two good hearted folk can get together and throw on a show to their hearts content, but if they’re gonna take their art seriously at all they have to approach it as a business. Branding exercises, corporation speak and all.

There’s no business like…

I dunno. Maybe it’s the nineties grunge twenty something anti globalisation politics blood in my brain or the spirit of Naomi Klein crawling up my vertebrae, but the angels of my better nature are warring with what feels right in my gut and what makes sense on paper.

Never trust paper. It turns truth into lies.
But at least they’re useful lies.

On a lighter side we have ideas for two CRACKING new works that are seriously get out of town fun – and there’s a script and some actors for the partner piece to go with the mid year remount of EOkay. The Rock and Roll continues (even if it is a bit more nostalgia now).

I am bender baby, please insert liquor.


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